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If the case you need help with does not involve jail time or a criminal fine, then it is probably a civil case. Some examples of civil cases are cases about family issues, such as divorce, child support, child custody, and name changes. Some other examples of civil cases are cases about paying for a home, repairing an apartment, damage to property, and collecting on a debt. If your case is a civil case, information on the topics below is available to help you. Just click on the topic you want to read.


Deciding Whether to Represent Yourself

TCH Find Lawyer  How do I find a lawyer?     

TCH Work With Lawyer  How do I work with my lawyer?     

TCH Can I Do This Myself  Should I represent myself? 

TCH Mediation  Mediation may help with the problem

TCH Can Staff Help  Can court staff help me with my case?

Getting Started

TCH Getting Started  How do I get started?

TCH Find Forms  Where can I find forms?

Filing a Lawsuit

TCH Where File  Where do I file my case?

TCH Will I Have To Pay  Will I have to pay to file my case?

TCH Service Of Citation  What is service of citation?

Responding to a Lawsuit

TCH Responding To Lawsuit  I was served with a lawsuit. What should I do?

Court Procedures

         TCH Court Procedures

Getting Ready to Go to Court

         TCH Getting Ready

Appearing in Court

         TCH How To Act

After Going to Court